Vacuum Blender

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After making your chosen smoothie simply attach the vacuum hose to the lid of your chosen container and draw out the excess air. This will now seal in the freshness in a vacuum keeping your drink as fresh as when you made it for a whole lot longer. The main glass jug is 2 litres which itself can be sealed in a vacuum and placed in the fridge or if you prefer we include a separate smaller container as well as vacuum bags for other food types such as fresh ground coffee.
The Vacuum blender uses a powerful motor and surgical grade stainless steel blades making light work of even the toughest of vegetables.
Multi functional it has various easy to use speed settings to choose from including: grind, smoothie, juice, mix, pulse, ice or ultra blend. The speed can also be adjusted manually.

Have you ever made a delicious healthy smoothie and wished it would stay fresher for longer in your fridge?


Well with the new Vacuum Blender from Cookware Kings this is now possible!


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